The drain system works flawlessly.

Client’s rating: 5 of 5

My first exposure to a system that would keep a lower patio dry came during a two-day home shopping spree. We were looking for a resale home in Castle Pines, Colorado. For two days we traipsed through numerous homes. The area had been treated to a light snowstorm the night before. As we toured the various homes, I remarked to the salesperson how depressing that constant dripping off the upper deck to the lower patio was. She remarked that there was a product that captured the moisture under the deck and directed it to an internal drain system, thereby eliminating the problem. She warned me that it was a little pricey. I just mentally catalogued her suggestion and when we began building our new home, I contacted Tom Spooner with Colorado Deck Drain Experts formerly DRY•B•LO® of Colorado to investigate the possibility of incorporating a deck drain system into our Toll Bros. home. As we were in Texas during the construction, I purchased the system “long distance.” Tom furnished a CD presentation and hard copy material. He suggested some lighting and ceiling fan accessories, which made good sense. So, we decided to go ahead with the additional expenditure. Now, having lived in our new home for five months, I can categorically state that this was one of our best option decisions. The drain system works flawlessly. For our investment, we ended up with an additional 675 sq ft “out door room.” Because of the weather protection, we kind of splurged on our outdoor furniture. But, because it will be free of moisture, I know we’ll get many years of serviceable use out of the area. We also decided to incorporate an outdoor kitchen. Again, the dry environment enables us to really enjoy the outdoor area. As for the company, the installation had to be coordinated with our homebuilder on a very tight schedule. Their portion was timely and extremely well done. (Toll Bros. supervision was most complementary.) We had a couple of small “fixes” that needed to be taken care of. In truth, they were probably caused by other subs working on our home. Regardless, Tom and the company didn’t quibble and immediately made the required repairs.

Fred J. Pisciotta | Colorado Springs , CO