deck drainage system brightonABOUT OUR DRY-B-LO CONCEALED DECK SYSTEM

Our unique Concealed drain system, the premiere field leader, presents an array of options for the design-conscious buyer. Made of trouble-free aluminum, the Concealed system is engineered and constructed to easily handle the weight of snow and ice and is guaranteed against leakage. It will never rust, and the joists are protected with an ice and water shield that will allow them to last decades. The Concealed system channels are attached within the joists and hidden by the ceiling material of your choice. The result, as you can see, is dramatic, and provides you a beautiful new space for outdoor living, while increasing the value of your home significantly. The Concealed system gives you the ability to install recessed lighting systems, ceiling fans, and other accessories such as outdoor speaker systems. Click the picture below to see our gallery of concealed systems!

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Usually installed during construction of a new deck, this system can also be installed in an existing deck by removing and replacing the deck boards. Measurements are taken and calculations are made to determine the number and position of downspouts to optimally drain your exposed deck areas. The gutters are positioned and installed per your specification to minimize their sight and visual impact. If a Colorado Deck Drain Experts product can be installed during the construction of your home, the down spouts can be channeled and hidden within decorative columns.


  • Our best system available!
  • Minimum amount of maintenance.
  • Guaranteed against leakage
  • Longest life span – backed with a lifetime warranty*.
  • Best installed at time of deck construction, but can be installed on existing decks by removal and re-installation of deck planks.
  • Offers the least amount of height reduction below deck.
  • Allows for installation of recessed lighting and other accessories such as an outdoor speaker system


The Concealed System is designed using aluminum panels with a baked on enamel finish. The panels are placed between the joist and the draining into gutters and downspouts. Allowing for customization of the ceiling with a variety of wood and stains. The system is ventilated which enhances airflow. It is vital to the joist structure that this ventilation exists.

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