Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Last time we talked about five ways to make your deck unique. This time we’ll talk about five more ways you can make your deck stand out from the crowd and create a great living space at the same time.

1) Add lighting

Lighting is a simple way to make your deck unique because there are so many options out there. Want to add low-voltage lighting? Try having lights installed on the stairs to make it easier to walk up and down them at night. Try hiding a light in some plants that will illuminate your fountain or flowers hanging from the wall. You could also at hanging lights around the perimeter of your deck. With nearly endless options, you’re sure to find something that fits with your deck’s design.

2) Reorganize

Sometimes making your deck unique can be as simple as rearranging things. Try getting rid of unnecessary clutter and choose a layout that’s more comfortable and welcoming to guests. This could mean removing tacky planters, used furniture, or other out of date features.

3) Variety

If you feel that your deck is a little bland and too normal, you may just need a little more variety. If you have a lot of flowers on your deck, try mixing it up with different plants and vines. As beautiful as flowers are, they can get redundant if there are too many.

4) Consistency

Although you want a lot of variety of the things you choose to put on your deck, you also want your design decisions to be consistent with each other. Imagine walking onto the perfect deck or patio, everything resonates and looks pleasant and welcoming. It’s okay if you haven’t spent a ton of money trying to spruce up your deck because there are always cheap ways to make it look nicer and make it truly your own!

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