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Why You Need Sundance Pergolas for Your Deck

The Sundance pergolas are a favorite, thanks to the state-of-the-art workmanship.

Over the years, more and more people have developed a liking for outdoor living spaces. Pergolas are among the structures that homeowners have elected to erect on their Front Range decks and patios. The Sundance pergolas are a favorite, thanks to the state-of-the-art workmanship. However, if you ever need your pergola installed, Colorado Deck Drain Experts in Northern Denver, will come to your rescue.

How Sundance Pergolas Work

It is fairly simple for any savvy Front Range homeowner to easily understand how Sundance pergolas work.

  • The heavy-duty aluminum louvers fit between 2x8 extruded aluminum beams. These are supported by 6x6 extruded aluminum posts.
  • The louvers are rotated by ball bearing rollers to which they are attached. This is possible with the use of a remote-controlled motor.
  • Upon pushing a button, the louvers close and open. 

When closed, the louvers route water into gutters attached to the beams. When open, they allow shade or sunlight depending on your preference. There are several reasons why Sundance pergolas are an indispensable addition to any deck. Here are just a few of the top reasons you should consider a Sundance Pergola for your deck.


Here on the Front Range, we are lucky to enjoy plenty of sunshine all year round. If you are a homeowner looking to control the heat and natural light reaching your space, the Sundance luxury louvered roofs are an excellent place to start. The pergola enables you to control the opening or closing of the louvers easily. This way, you can direct heat and sunlight whenever and wherever you want it.


Whether you’ve got a north or south facing deck, never let the time of day dictate whether or not you can enjoy some outdoor time on your North Denver deck! The luxurious patio cover grants you control even in the sunniest location thanks to its sun-blocking shade and spectacular ventilation. With this amount of comfort assured, you can go about your outdoor activities worry-free.


With Sundance Pergola outdoor space solution, you no longer have to worry about harsh weather conditions as you host that party or relax to read your book. Developed over the years by top-notch experts, one thing is for sure: the Sundance louvered roof is of high quality. Its materials are sturdy and durable, meaning they can resist snow, wind, rain, and even that Northern Colorado hail. Best of all, the built-in gutters handle rain runoff so you and your patio furniture can stay dry.

Colorado offers some of the best weather and views the nation has to offer. If you are a local homeowner who wishes to have an outdoor space you can escape to and take it all in, Sundance pergolas offers just that! You need not worry about the installation because Colorado Deck Drain Experts have your back. We are here to ensure you create the best memories on your Brighton and Thornton decks. Other areas we serve include The Front Range from Evergreen to Southeast Aurora, Parker, and Arvada. Schedule your installation today!

Louvered roofs provide more than just aesthetics. Visit us to have one installed on your outdoor space.

Louvered roofs aren’t just for aesthetics. They have more to offer than the average homeowner could ever imagine. You can always rely on Colorado Deck Drain Experts to help you install high-quality louvered roofs all throughout the Front Range. From Evergreen to Southeast Aurora, Parker, Arvada, or the surrounding communities of Brighton and Thornton, we’ve got you and your deck covered. Call to schedule your installation today!

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