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What Are Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas?

Pergolas are an excellent way to add style, elegance and protection to any outdoor space. Today, pergolas come in many different styles, but the most popular of these is the Sundance Louvered Roof Pergola. Are you tired of having an open pergola that doesn’t protect you from inclement weather? Do you want a more modern pergola that fits your style? If so, read on to learn more about these advanced pergolas, then schedule a free consultation with our team at Colorado Drain Experts.

Advanced Design

Louvered roofs are made of a series of motorized slats/blades — in this case these are aluminum slats— that can be opened and closed with a button to allow air and sunlight into the space. Typical pergolas are designed as open rafters attached to wooden beams that don’t protect from the elements. Usually, these Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas cover your entire back patio.

New Technology

Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas are the advanced form of pergola technology. The louvers allow for ventilation and cooling as well as shade. With the simple push of a button, you can open and close your louvers with ease. The louvers, when closed, will also route rainwater to the gutters that are attached to the beams. Say goodbye to covering your open pergola from the rain; with the advanced technology of a Sundance Louvered Roof Pergola, you can enjoy all kinds of weather with only the push of a button.

Full Coverage Pergola

The Sundance Pergola with louvers offers increased protection from the elements. It consists of an aluminum frame that is covered by aluminum louvers which can be closed to protect you, your family and friends during periods of inclement weather. Whether it's wind, rain or even sun that you wish to avoid; our pergolas have you covered! Since these pergolas will typically cover your entire back patio, you can be assured that you will be protected from any sort of weather.


Modern And Durable

There are many styles and materials for pergolas, but the Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas are made of aluminum, which won’t degrade or warp over time. These pergolas are created with a modern touch that is sure to match any outdoor porch, patio, or sitting area. Aluminum provides the stability you need in a pergola, while also being maintenance-free. Our Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas will last you a lifetime through rain and shine. 

Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas are the newest form of pergola technology and design. Protect your outdoor space from all kinds of inclement weather for years to come. You can trust the Colorado Deck Drain Experts with the installation of your new pergola. Contact our professional team today to schedule your free consultation.

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