If you’re enthusiastic about your deck and have a fireplace or fire pit, chances are you’re trying to squeeze in every day you can outside before the really cold weather and snow kick in. However, if you want to enjoy your fire pit or fireplace and maybe cook up some s’mores, you’re going to need some tips for staying safe. So next time you, your family and friends decide to spend a night in the backyard, take a look at some of the tips below.

Sparks and embers

Assuming you’re not using a gas fireplace or fire pit, you’ll need to watch out for sparks and embers. Although seemingly harmless, sparks can light dry objects on fire, whether it’s dead plants, your clothes, or other belongings that you have laying around. It’s good practice to keep your things away from the fire.

Be careful what you burn

If your fire is dying down, the natural tendency is to grab any flammable thing you have lying around to re-ignite it. However, this can be dangerous and you should research beforehand what types of wood and materials it’s okay to burn.

For example, certain materials may release toxins when burned. This includes things like particleboard, wood that’s been stained, treated, or painted, and things like magazines with color dyes in it. Additionally, there are some plants that can be unhealthy or harmful if burned and inhaled. Airborne toxins could also trigger allergies, so it’s good practice to avoid using plants or branches from your backyard to keep your fire going. However, if you need to, make sure you do research beforehand to see what types of plants could be harmful.

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby

It may seem like overkill, especially if you’re careful around your fire pit, however, it’s great to keep a fire extinguisher around in case of an emergency!

Watch your pets

When you’re outside having fun and laughing with friends, you might forget to keep an eye on your pets. Your fire pit can be equally as hazardous to them so make sure you have some way of keeping them a good distance away from the fire.

Check the weather

Depending on whether you have a permanent in-ground fire pit or a mobile one, you’ll need to know whether there will be any wind or not so you can avoid embers flying in your direction. If you have a mobile one you can try positioning it so that everyone can sit on one side with your backs to the wind. Either way, make sure you have a safe way of using your pit or save it for another day.

If you’re looking for more ways to create a safe and comfortable deck, you’ll want to have proper drainage. Colorado Deck Drain Experts are here to make sure both you and your deck are protected from the elements. Contact us to learn how to get started!