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Is a Canopy or a Pergola Better for Your Backyard Deck?

So you have a nice backyard deck, but it's missing something. What could that be? 

When it comes to outdoor living, there are many options available. Pergolas and canopies are a great way to add shade for your deck. But which one is better? 

A canopy or a pergola is an important part of any backyard deck. The best decision will depend on the climate you live in and how much money you're willing to spend. This blog post will discuss what each option offers so you can make the right decision for your family!


Pergolas offer a lot of space for entertaining guests while also providing shade and an open air feel. Canopies provide more security from the weather but can be less private than pergolas.


Pergolas are typically made of wood and they make an excellent focal point for your yard. Pergolas also come with louvered roofs that allow air to flow through them, which will keep you cool in the summer months.

Canopies are usually made from synthetic materials. Canopies don't offer the same features as pergolas. They only provide cover from sun and rain - no fancy features included!

If you're looking for more shade than just what trees provide, then adding a Pergola may be perfect for your needs!


Pergolas tend to be more expensive than canopies, but they come with luxury louvered roofs that provide shade and additional storage space. However, the lower cost of canopies makes them an attractive option for homeowners on a budget. 


Pergolas do better in humid climates because of their natural drainage system. They are built with drainage systems at the bottom so that rainwater doesn't pool up on top of it and cause rot or mold growth inside the structure. Pergolas provide shade from the sun, and can be customized to match your style. 

Canopies offer plenty of shade during hot summer days, plus they are easier to clean than pergolas because there's no sloped roof that traps debris. Canopies provide more security from the weather but can be less private than pergolas. 

Ultimately, it is the climate and your budget that will assist in making the final decision. The decision between choosing one or the other is up to you! If cost isn't an issue for you then go with a pergola; otherwise choose a canopy.

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