Learn More About Our Sundance Pergola Installation

Summer is the best time to soak up the sun’s rays and spend time with loved ones outdoors. No matter where you live in the Front Range area, Colorado Deck Drain Experts knows how important it is to create an outdoor living space conducive to relaxation and entertainment. Launch your next remodeling project now before all the warm days are gone by following our tips for creating the perfect backyard relaxation space. Discover how our sundance pergola installations can change the way you enjoy the outdoors and contact us today for a free consultation!


Stay Cool With Shade

While it’s ideal to be outside enjoying the bright sunshine, your Colorado backyard needs some steady shade to stay cool. When the temperature gets too hot in the height of the afternoon, your family and pets deserve to relax and cool off under the shade of our sundance pergola installations. Create a relaxing backyard by choosing Colorado Deck Drain Experts’ outdoor patio coverings, capable of opening and closing for your comfort. Take advantage of a free consultation and get your own expertly-created, durable sundance pergola installation today!



Invest In Comfortable Seating

The key to curating the perfect backyard relaxation space is making your family members and guests as cozy as possible. Changing up your seating options to include new, high-quality cushions — set up under your sundance pergola installation to prevent sun damage — entices people to keep lounging and enjoying a cool beverage. The expert carpentry from Colorado Deck Drain Experts can help you ensure your new, comfortable patio furniture has a long lifespan that can last you all summer. 

Add a Water Feature

Some of the most pleasing background noises you can have in your Front Range backyard include the steady flow of a water fountain or the babbling of a fish pond. Take advantage of the therapeutic effect water has with either a visual feature or an interactive feature. Colorado Deck Drain Experts recommends constructing either a pool, garden pond, koi pond, or fountain close to your patio sundance pergola installation to better induce calmness.



Choose Fragrant Plants & Flowers

Give each of your senses something to relax them by planting the right plants and flowers in your outdoor living space. Certain flowers, for example, are known for being quite fragrant and can keep your backyard smelling wonderful all during the summer. Whether these flowers need direct sunshine or can be placed underneath your sundance pergola installation, Colorado Deck Drain Experts recommend researching and planting your favorite scents. A few great examples include lilacs, roses, and peony flowers.

Sundance Pergola Installations For Your Outdoor Living Space

Make the most out of your Colorado property and fully enjoy your backyard no matter how hot it gets! Trust Colorado Deck Drain Experts to help you find the perfect sundance pergola installation to create shade and to give your guests a reprieve from the sun. Learn more about how we can make your backyard a truly relaxing space to enjoy and contact us for a free consultation now!