In our previous blog, we began discussing the negative effects of improper drainage and how it can have great effects on your home; today, we continue the discussion.

More Effects of Water Damage
Under Deck Drainage Brighton

Water damage is one of the major nemeses to homes and their landscape and can have
negative effects on even your health, if left unchecked.

Home DamageBefore-500a

As mentioned before, flooding can cause damage to not only your home, but also your property. Damage to your home won’t just happen if water penetrates your home, but it will also cause problems if your home is sitting in water. The structural integrity of wood and other home materials are greatly affected by continual and prolonged exposure to water.

Health Issues

Wet wood and other building materials become welcoming habitats for mold, fungus, and other creatures, when damp. The spores of these organisms can not only cause discomfort from allergies, but also serious health issues depending on the type of mold or fungus. Also, once molding, the wood of other material must be discarded and replaced, causing you, at the very least, to have unnecessary home improvement work and expenses.  

Deck Drainage & Deck Drainage SystemsUnder Deck Drainage Brighton

After-500As you can see, improper drainage and erosion can have ample negative effects not only on your home, but also on you and your family. One of the problem areas for many homes is improper deck drainage. Without proper drainage, water drips below the deck and collects there, causing problems for your home and for the structure of your deck. Decks can be big investments; why let unintentional neglect ruin that?

Because of these issues, we at Colorado Deck Drain Experts created the Dry-B-Lo Concealed Drainage System and the Cry-B-Lo Contemporary Drainage System. Both of these systems allow for proper deck drainage and will extend the life of your deck, your home, and your landscape.

These systems also allow for greater utilization of under-deck space: these drainage systems allow you to have an enjoyable refuge under your deck as well as above it.

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