Contemporary Deck Drain BrightonWe at Colorado Deck Drain Experts believe that not only should you have the best deck drainage system, but also you should have the best end of summer party. Here are some tips:

Be Specific

When inviting your guests, be as specific about your event as possible. Tell what time you are going to be eating, if they should bring anything and, if so, what. Also, since it’s an outdoor party, specify if the party is happening rain or shine; if the party is still on with bad weather, say what you’ll be doing. Also, if you think your guests might need some direction as to where to park, tell them.

Think About Seating

One of the biggest host faux pas is not having enough seating; guests who have seats will be less inclined to mingle and eat more food, and those who don’t have seats may feel resentful. Also, on a hot day, guests need to have the opportunity to sit and cool down. Some alternative seating options if you don’t have enough deck chairs are quilts, pillows, lawn chairs, or even some blow up chairs.

Create a Fun Atmosphere

Your decorations can help set the tone for your party. A piñata is a fun alternative to traditional decorations: It’s colorful and can be fun for the kids and “kids at heart.” String globe lights can also be a great addition to any party, not only are these style of lights on-trend, but they also function as extra lighting as well. When it comes to the music, don’t blast one large speaker, if possible have a few smaller speakers turned up just enough, and situated just above ear level.

Under Deck Drainage BrightonHydrate

Guests can’t have any fun if they are feeling sick and dehydrated. Have a cooler of disposable water bottles on hand, or a dispenser of cool water. Mix it up with infused water; infuse your water with lemon, cucumber and ginger, watermelon, or grapefruit and rosemary!

Keep It Lit

No one likes stumbling around in the dark, and neither will your guests. If your party goes into the night, make sure to have sufficient lighting for your deck and backyard. Hang twinkle lights and lanterns on your deck and in your trees. You could also use globe string lights or other similar styles. To be on-trend, use copper twinkle lights; hang them or put them in mason jars for an alternative lantern. Keep guests from tripping with cords with tape ties, and sections of wire hangers cut, bent into a u-shape and hammered into the ground.


Though this step is intuitive, if you haven’t hosted an event at your home before, having a helpful reminder about the things to prepare for still helpful. Here are some aspects of your party to prepare for:

  • Shade keeps guests cool, healthy, and happy. Use canopies, open pavilion tents, shade sails, or a canopy.
  • If it rains, have a plan. A great alternative to an outdoor party when the weather doesn’t cooperate is a game night. Charades or the popular game called Fishbowl, which combines charades and catch phrase, are great group games, as well as pictionary played with a white board.
  • When throwing your party prepare to have fun! As the host it’s easy to get bogged down with all the things you feel you have to be doing, and worrying about if everyone else is having a good time. Though those should be concerns of the host, remember the point of a party is to have fun! So have fun, and your guests will, too!

One of the best ways to make sure you have a great party is to have a deck drainage system built and installed by Colorado Deck Drain Experts, a professional company based in Brighton. We want to help you have the best deck and outdoor space all year round. 

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