Okay, you’ve finished building your deck… first of all, give yourself a pat on the back! Building a deck can be a long and tiresome process, but you did it, and you should be proud of that. So what’s next? Maybe you’ve already looked into buying some furniture that will match your house’s exterior. However, in reality, when it comes down to your deck’s aesthetics, it’s the little things that count. From lighting to seasonal decorations, here are a few things to help you spruce up your deck, so you’re ready for your next get-together.

Low-Voltage Deck Lights

You likely already have some lighting on your deck, but what about something a little more interesting? How about some low-voltage lights to accent your stairs, flower pots, or fountain. Low-voltage lights have become really popular in recent times due to how cool they look! It’s a really simple way to make the exterior of your house look really nice and take little-to-no effort to maintain. Most low-voltage lights are solar powered, so just set and forget!


You may have already decided to put a fountain in your yard, but they’re much more likely to feel at home on your deck. The soothing sound of flowing water is sure to entice and comfort your visitors as you spend a nice night in the backyard. After all that’s the reason we have decks in the first place, right? You can also accent them with your low-voltage lights to give it a nice glow at night.


Okay, this one might not work great if you don’t already have a fancy deck, but if you do, stay tuned. A sculpture can really kick your deck up to the next level of elegance and tell your guests, “I’m sophisticated”. However, don’t choose just any statue at random, get one that you know the story behind (or make one up). Problem is, once you start this game you can’t stop all of a sudden. Don’t get rid of the sculpture one day, because people will wonder what happened to all that class!

Seasonal Decor

Make sure you spruce up your deck for the change of season. Every season has a different feel and your deck should be the same. Fall is a great season to go crazy and let your imagination run wild. If your deck is big enough, try making your very own haunted house for the kids!

Lots of Plants

This one is kind of a given, but it really comes down to the way you execute it. First of all you need a lot of variety in the plants that you choose. Don’t just go for the prettiest flowers, then throw them in an old planter you have lying around and call it good. You’ll want to pick plants that match the style and feel of your deck.

For example if you’re going for the “sophisticated” feel like we talked about before, plant some vines and flowers the match a more rustic, old look. If you’re trying to be more modern, used less overhanging plants and focus on matching the style of planter to your deck’s design. No matter which you go for, this is always a great way to improve your deck aesthetically.

Bring the Comfort Outside

There’s no better way to welcome company than to bring the comfort of your interior out to your deck. Try taking some pillows, rugs, blankets, and cushions from inside and making your deck a little more inviting. Just be sure to bring them in if the weather gets bad!

Home Video Projector

We saved the best for last! There really isn’t a better way to spend a summer night than to sit out on the deck on a warm summer night with friends and family, watching a movie. Everyone will appreciate it and it’s a great way to fancify your deck, if only just for the night.

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