Under Deck Drainage BrightonWinter is coming, and for those living in Colorado, it’s about that time of year to get your deck and deck drainage system prepped for winter. If you have one of our deck drainage systems, you have already made a step towards preserving the life of your deck. Here some of the basics:

Remove Debris

With fall especially, decks often are covered with leaves and other tree debris. Be sure to remove leaves, dirt, and any other objects from your deck. Though sweeping is beneficial, using a power washer will ensure that your deck gets squeaky clean.

Check for Nails and Screws

If you find any nails or screws poking through or rusting, be sure to replace them. Anything that would leave your deck, such as a screw hole, can expose your deck to the elements and ultimately to premature aging.


Examine your deck for any loose caulking, and apply a new clear or stain sealant to preserve the life of your deck. If you have one of our deck drainage systems, you won’t have to worry about the bottom of your deck and anything underneath.  

Consult the Professionals

As always, with any of your questions and concerns about the proper care of your deck and deck drainage system, check out our FAQ page and feel free to contact us! We at Colorado Deck Drainage Experts want to not only give you the best deck drainage system, but we also want to help you maintain it as well!

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