Deck Drainage Systems BrightonYou’ve finished construction on your deck and installed one of our deck drainage systems; now it’s time to furnish your deck! As you furnish your deck, remember that your deck should always be completely yours: A place for fun, relaxation, and quality time with those who are important to you! Here is the final installment for how to make your deck, your space!

Stain and Tile

Customize any deck by changing the stain color or even adding tile to certain areas. Before committing to any particular color, be sure to scan the internet for ideas and think about what color would not only go with the color of your home, but also the style.


Combine furniture, pops of color from plants and pillows, a professional stain finish, and then a sculpture, and you will have a deck with style and appeal. Many sculptures are fountains: Fountains will not only add to your decks style, but also its tranquil ambience. If you don’t want to commit to a large piece or don’t have the space, try something smaller that sets in your potted plants or on your table as a centerpiece.


Lights are a must for any deck. Lights add ambience and make any time spent out on your deck feel special. Choose from a variety of light styles: Paper lanterns, twinkle lights, globe lights, copper string lights, etc. Candles in decorative votives or mason jars are also great additions.


Textiles can be incorporated as curtains to add privacy or shade, or extra decoration for your pergola. If you’re wanting to add more shade to your deck, try a canopy or a retractable awning!


Remember as you customize your deck, it’s your space: Decorate and furnish it in a way that makes you happy, at peace, and ultimately wanting to spend more time outside.

If you have a deck built on your Brighton residence and have not yet checked out our deck drainage systems, be sure to check them out here!

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