dreamstime_xxl_10347688You’ve gotten your landscaping done and your deck is stained and built just to your specifications, but you’re still feeling like something is missing. Perhaps you need to utilize your deck space with furniture and customization that not only work with the purposes of your deck, but also create for you the most peaceful retreat or best party space for your lifestyle!


A pergola is a great way to get some shade, but at the same time get some sun, depending on its structure; place your outdoor dining table and chairs underneath with lights for full effect. A pergola also gives you the opportunity to add some lights, paper lanterns, or other hanging decorations to your deck space!

Privacy Wall

To make your deck the ultimate retreat, try a privacy wall on one side of your deck. You can create one with a little extra wood framing and lattice work, or by using plants and succulents. Not only will you have a great privacy wall, but you have the opportunity to add some color to your patio! An alternative to a privacy wall can be a barrier created by trees and plants either on your deck in pots, or along on the ground below.

Built-In Seating

Another way to utilize your space is with built-in seating along the sides of your deck. This seating can be simply building benches on the edge of your deck, or you can create box seating that can open up for storage! Each deck is different and offers it’s own opportunities. Look at yours and decide what would suit your deck and your lifestyle.

Deck Drainage System

Another great way to utilize your deck, is to have a deck drainage system installed. Not only will you avoid water damage to your property, but you will have a whole other area available for your enjoyment. Add some seating and some lighting and you will have one more place for people to hang out during that house party and a deck space to enjoy when it’s rainy. You never know, it could become your next favorite spot!

Learn More!

Learn more about having a deck that not only protects your property, but adds to your enjoyment, and value of your home. Visit Colorado Deck Drain Experts’ product page for their deck drainage systems, and contact them for a free quote!

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