It’s time you get your patio ready for spring. Whether you already have a deck drain installed or you need to schedule your appointment today, it’s time to get your patio in tip-top shape for all of the nice weather along the horizon. We’ve been grateful enough to experience some awesome weather this February; let’s hope we don’t jinx it. If the sun’s powerful rays keep shining down on Earth, you’ll be wishing your patio was ready for use. Get it ready just in time for spring and use these next six tips to make sure everything comes together nicely.

6 Ways To Get Your Patio Ready For Spring

#1 Upgrade the lighting.

If you have a deck drain installed, you likely already have great lighting; however, there’s always room for improvement. Lining your deck with patio lights is a wonderful upgrade to give you ambient lighting while the sun dips behind the mountains. There are other ways you can improve your lighting too. Think about lighting tiki torches or candles to enhance the atmosphere under your fabulous deck drain system. Regardless of what style of light you decide to use, lighting is crucial.


#2 Upgrade the seating.

Seating is more important than lighting! If there are no seats, how do you expect to utilize your patio as you want? It’s nearly impossible to have a great time without comfortable chairs in which to kick back. Whether you purchase a deck swing, patio chairs or a roomy patio table, we highly recommend you push your patio game up a notch by indulging in patio furniture you and your guests will find luxurious and comfortable.

#3 Install a bar area.

There’s no doubt about it; people love drinking when they gather. Whether you and your guests like to enjoy a bottle of wine together or would prefer a tapped keg, a bar makes serving yourself and your guests that much easier. Plus, who doesn’t like enjoying an adult beverage on a patio? Ok, so it doesn’t have to be an “adult” beverage; any style of drink that fits your fancy will do just fine. Take a load off on your upgraded seating under the twinkling lights hanging off the deck drain while sipping on an ice, cold lemonade…does that sound like it’d hit the spot yet? So, whether you’d like to install a  full bar or just half of one, we highly encourage it!

#4 Install a deck drain.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to schedule an appointment to have a deck drain installed on your deck. You may have a patio set up the way you want under the deck, but what happens if there’s inclement weather? You’ll have to deal with water ruining the wonderful dinner you made. It’s easy to spend time outdoors no matter what the weather’s doing if you have a trustworthy deck drain system installed by Colorado Deck and Drain Experts here in Thornton. Learn more about the custom deck drains we provide here.

#5 Lay out a rug.

Although this next tip is optional, we highly suggest you take our recommendation and lay out a rug. Why? Well, first of all, it makes your living space more homey and comforting. Plus, you can slide off your shoes and have a nice staycation with your significant other without spending a dime on an expensive dinner. Instead, you have the option of enjoying a dinner under a deck-lit “sky” with possible tiki torches burning brightly, a full bar with your favorite glass of red wine while sitting on a comfortable piece of outdoor furniture with a blanket listening to the rain sprinkle and a rug to keep your feet nice a cozy while your relax with the person you love. Rugs equal greatness. Give it a shot; you won’t regret it!

#6 Install a fountain.

Although this isn’t a must, it’s definitely a feature that might make your patio that much more enjoyable. If you want a relaxing feel to be brought to your patio every time you spend your moments on it, installing a quaint fountain will be able to do just that. Fountains can ease anxiety, lessen stress levels and give you a boost of serenity you want to experience each day.

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