Spring time has nearly arrived in Colorado. What does that mean, exactly? It’s time to make sure all of the spring showers drain effectively on your grass in order to prevent your patio furniture from getting drenched whenever possible. If you have a deck and you have an area that you think is liveable, it’s time to take a look at the reality of it: When it rains or snows, does the water seep through the cracks of the deck to the patio below? If so, call our deck drain experts in Thornton today. Furthermore, make sure you have the perfect outdoor patio furniture that can withstand what Mother Nature has to throw at it, plus a lot of comforts. Here are the top 10 outdoor patio furniture brands.

#1 Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan was founded in 1945 and has always been a top producer of outdoor patio furniture. Their exclusive all-weather outdoor furniture is not only beautiful, but it’s comfortable. They have over 30 unique collections and is described as the “best of the best” when it comes to patio furniture. Although their collections are pricey, this brand is one that won’t let you down.

#2 Forever Patio

Another top producer of high-end patio furnishings is Forever Patio. Forever Patio has options for every consumer, from bar tables to daybeds. What many consumers love about Forever Patio are their tasteful designs. The attention to detail this company uses is so unbeatable you could examine it under a microscope and view nothing but perfection. Their highly durable outdoor patio furnishings are top of the line and are perfected with the latest all-weather construction technologies so whatever you buy lasts for years.

#3 Harmonia Living

If you love wicker furniture, choose Harmonia Living. This high-end patio furniture retailer is the perfect option for someone searching for a luxe patio set that will last for years. Plus, what’s better than wicker furniture? Harmonia Living makes their wicker furniture from an eco-friendly material that’s infused with UV inhibitors and is scratch resistant. High-density polyethylene wicker is the exclusive material they use. If you’re willing to pay the price, Harmonia Living is sure to last you for an extremely long period of time.

#4 Gloster

Do you love teak? If so, you need to check out Gloster; they have the best teak furniture, and with a strong global presence, all of your needs will be met without hesitation. Using high-end manufacturing techniques, you can rest assured all of the teak patio furniture you purchase from Gloster will be all-weather and completely weather-resistant.

#5 Sunset West

If you’re looking for patio furniture that has an impeccable sense of style, Sunset West is for you. You’ve probably heard the name before; Sunset West has deep roots in the furniture industry and to this day, are still a family-owned business. With an impressive design and equally impressive customer service, you can expect to receive deep-seated designs that will give your patio a 5-star presence you crave.

#6 Alfresco Home

If you’re looking for sleek, cutting-edge, decorative and inspiring patio furniture, don’t forget to check out Alfresco Home. More affordable than other patio brands, you’ll also receive high-quality furniture. This brand is one of the most popular outdoor furniture brands that’s available at a moderate price point. You can purchase all kinds of patio furniture, including furniture that’s made out of woven wicker resin, cast aluminum and marble mosaic.

#7 Woodward

One of the oldest companies to boot, Woodward has age-old hand forming techniques that have been passed down among the generations. This manufacturer is perfect whether you’re looking for a classic, exotic or contemporary style. An unblemished level of high-quality is given to every consumer through molded, durable and scuff resistant materials. Plus, their furniture is comfortable! What more could you ask for?

#8 Tropitone

Tropitone’s motto is to “get it done the first time.” They are one of the leaders of the patio furniture industry, for a good reason. They have a commitment to quality other manufactures don’t put concentration on. Through contemporary and exotic options, Tropitone captures the essence of outdoor living.

#9 Zuo Modern

If you love contemporary style, Zuo Modern is for you. You’ll receive remarkable designs if you decide to go with Zuo Modern for your patio furniture. Through fun shapes and widespread appeal, you’ll purchase furniture that’s not only eye-catching, but imaginative. Although they’re a little pricier than most would like to admit, their patio furniture is well worth the dime.

#10 Hospitality Rattan

Indoor and outdoor collections are available from Hospitality Rattan. Through outstanding designs and being rated as a top outdoor furniture brand, we’re sure you’ll be happy to embellish your patio with this top brand.

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