Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Colorado Deck Drain Experts. This is part three of our blog series on spring maintenance tips for your deck, so be sure to read part one and two if you get the chance. So far we’ve covered safety, deck cleaning, sealing, and restocking your deck supplies. This time, we’ll talk about trying new things and fixing up you landscaping. Keep reading to learn more.

Try something new

A new year means new opportunities and a new life for your deck. Chances are, you’ve already put a lot of money into your deck, so why not try something new this year to keep things fresh and interesting? Have you ever considered adding a screened in section, pergola, or accent pillows? Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about how you will make your deck stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood, especially if you’re planning on having a lot of people over in the summer.

Fix up your landscaping

The appeal of your deck isn’t just affected by what’s on it, it’s also enhanced by what’s around it. Your yard can go a long way to making your deck look nice, and generally making your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable during the summer. Consider calling an arborist or landscaping specialist to clean up your yard a little bit and make it ready for summer.

Trees and shrubs

Take the time to plan out how you want your lawn to look. It’s better to spend more time now than to remove too many trees or shrubs and have to replant them if you don’t like the way it looks. If you have a small yard you might want to remove more trees and shrubs so that you’ll have more room in the yard once summer comes around.


Your yard is actually a great place to keep furniture, especially if you don’t have enough room on your deck. If you have a multi-tier deck system, you can put furniture in your underdeck area. However, if you want to get some sun, you’ll need to have a place to move it to. Just make sure that you only keep the furniture on your lawn when you have guests over, then you can move it back under your deck. This will help to keep your grass in good condition.

Eliminate pests

One of the worst things about spring and summer is the emergency of pesky pests in and around your home. This includes rodents like mice and insects like mosquitoes and ticks. You should contact a pest control specialist sooner rather than later in order to talk about what pests may be present in your area and how to control them. There’s nothing worse than finally making it to summer only to find out that you can’t spend time on your yard or deck because there are too many bugs that will eat you alive if you’re out there too long. But pest control isn’t just about comfort. Insects and rodents can also carry diseases that are harmful to your family and your guests.


In addition to eliminating pests, there are a lot of other ways you can improve the safety of your lawn before summer rolls around. It would be a shame to go through the trouble of improving the safety of your deck, only to have someone get hurt in the lawn. Simply trimming your trees regularly will help. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in your yard, you may want to consider putting a stone path in that leads to your yard.

Contact Colorado Deck Drain Experts

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