If you keep up with our blog here at Colorado Deck Drain Experts, you know that we mainly talk about multi-level decks, or decks that have an upper deck and a lower deck. It came to my attention that we haven’t really talked about the safety implications of this. A couple months ago we talked about how to prevent slipping and a couple months before that, we talked about staying safe around your firepit. However, chances are, you want your children and pets to enjoy your upper deck just as much as you. But in order for that to happen, you’re going to need to take into mind some safety precautions first. Keep reading to learn about several great ways to keep your deck safe for your kids or pets.

Check your railings

The first thing you should do when you’re preparing your upper deck for your kids and pets is to make sure the railings are safe. Although your railings may seem safe at first glance, they’re probably wide enough for your child or pet to fit through. If the railings are wider than several inches apart, they’re most likely not safe enough for them to be around. However, don’t go replacing your entire railing. Railing covers are a great solution. You can either get cloth ones that can be tied down to the railing or some heavy-duty netting. Either should do the trick, just make sure they’re secured properly.

Lock the door

Another simple way keep your deck safe for children and pets is to simply lock the door leading out to the deck. If you get in the habit of doing this, you’ll never have the chance of your kid walking out onto the deck unattended.

Use a gate

If you have stairs leading from your upper deck to your lower deck, you’re going to need to install a gate at the top of the stairs. Another thing to make sure of is that you’re using a gate that’s actually screwed into the railing and is sturdy. Ideally, you should have a gate put in at the same time as your railing, however, there are some good options if you didn’t think of that originally. Gates that just clamp into place between two railings are not ideal because they can get knocked off fairly easily and leave the stairs open.

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