Here in Colorado, we truly do get the best of both worlds. We have snowy, cold winters perfect for sports like skiing and snowboarding, and we have warm, sunny summers that allow us to enjoy our time wherever we choose to spend it. And for many homeowners, the place they like to enjoy the most is their very own backyard. Since we spend so much time in our backyards, it’s only natural that we prepare them for the season that allows us to enjoy them the most — summer. Keep reading to learn about some helpful tips to prepare your backyard for summer.

Fire Up The Grill

There’s nothing that signals the start of summer better than the smell of fresh burgers on the propane grill. But how can you expect to cook fresh burgers if your grill is still dirty and/or broken from last year’s use? Since summer is just around the corner, it may be worth it to consider investing in a new grill or at least cleaning your old one.

If you have a gas grill, take off the propane tank, disconnect the igniter wires, and flame guards. Clean the inside of the grill with dish soap and a scrub brush. Once that’s done, you can soak and scrub down your grates and then reassemble the grill. Remember that you should scrape the grates after each time you cook. This way you won’t have a hard time removing residue and be required to reignite the grill in order to get it off.

Clean Patio Furniture

If you have wooden patio furniture, chances are, you took it in for the winter. However, if you have metal patio furniture, you may have left it out on the patio all winter. Either way, it never hurts to give it a good cleaning before you start having guests over. Metal furniture should be cleaned with mild soap, a sponge, and some water. After drying, it can be polished with a light coat of car wax. This will make it more resistant to water and bring a lot of the shine back that it had last year.

If you have wood patio furniture, you should consider cleaning it too. You’ll want to use an oil-based soap for finished wood, then lightly scrub with a cloth. If you have treated wood furniture, make sure to use a pressure washer on low to get off any dirt or grime.

Contact Colorado Deck Drain Experts

If you have an elevated deck on your Colorado home, you might benefit from a deck drainage system. What this enables you to do is enjoy the patio area under your deck all year long without having to worry about it becoming wet and unusable. We have several options for you depending on your preferences both of which are hidden and blend seamlessly with your current deck design. Contact us today to learn more about us and read part two of this blog if you’d like to learn more about preparing your backyard for summer.