When we install our deck drain systems in Arvada and beyond, we get an opportunity to see the cool things that people are doing with their patios and decks in Colorado. There are some amazing spaces that anyone would be proud to own! Here are some of the coolest trends we’re seeing in decks and patios this summer. Check them out and see if they would be right for your home!

Are These Deck Trends Right For Your Home?

More heating options.

People don’t want to stop using their decks as soon as the cold weather arrives! That’s why more Colorado homeowners are looking for deck heating options that allow them to spend more time in their favorite outdoor space. Heating options that are efficient and eco-friendly are high in demand, so you’ll see more and more companies offering these deck and patio heating options in the future. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or even electric heating, more people are soaking up the warmth while they enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their deck.

Outdoor entertainment.

When you have a gorgeous patio or deck, you want to use it as much as possible! That means you need to bring your entertainment outdoors. Long gone are the days of simply bringing a radio out on the porch to enjoy some tunes. Today’s decks are being outfitted with incredible built-in sound systems that keep the music going through Bluetooth speakers hooked up to your home stereo system or mobile phone. It’s more than audio systems, though. A lot of homeowners are installing big screen televisions and even gaming systems to enjoy outside. It’s a great way to maximize your outdoor living space!

More color options.

Decks aren’t just brown wood anymore, either. Decking companies are releasing many more color options for homeowners to choose from so they can match the aesthetic of their home. Gray decking is one of the hottest color trends at the moment, but you’ll find plenty of other colors, too. Many homeowners choose to match the accent color of their home or pick a color that makes their deck and patio stand out. You’ll see plenty of these color options in your local home supply store, but if you want something even more specific, check online.

Lots of levels.

A lot of the decks we’ve seen this year are multi-level masterpieces. Homeowners want to maximize their outdoor space and create something that’s as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use. Multi-levels allow homeowners to create individual spaces for different uses; they might put their hot tub on one level, the outdoor kitchen on another level, and their dining area on a third. That way multiple family members can be using the outdoor space without getting in each other’s way or invading one another’s privacy.

More curves, fewer angles.

When you think of the classic deck, you probably think of a simple square. That used to be the standard. But deck installers are offering more options as technology makes it easier to quickly bend wood into custom shapes. Now, homeowners have the option of creating elegant curves in their decking design. Maybe they round off their stairs or follow the curve of their outdoor spa. This is a great way to add a lot of visual interest even to a small decking space.

Love the idea of incorporating these trends into the deck or patio on your Arvada home? The first step is to make sure you have the right deck drain system installed. Get in touch with Colorado Deck Drain Experts today to schedule your free consultation!