Having plants around has many benefits, from creating an oxygenated environment to adding a touch of nature to your space. Those with flowers are especially cheery to have around as they add color to a sometimes bleak day when the clouds are out.

Colorado Deck Drain Experts offers the best deck drainage systems throughout the Front Range. From Brighton to Thorton and Aurora, our expert technicians can come to your home and ensure your under deck drainage system does its job of keeping the space below your deck nice, comfortable, and protected. Each under deck drainage system is customized to fit your deck and its needs. Below, we’ll list some of the best deck plants. Contact our deck drain experts for a free consultation today!



If you are looking for color and pizzazz, marigolds are the way to go. These deck plants do well in pots, and they do well even if you forget to water them every now and again. And with their stunning color, you’ll attract honeybees as well. These hardy plants do well in both the heat and the cold, which makes them a perfect Colorado deck plant.


If you are looking for a fragrant plant for your deck, it’s hard to beat lavender. Not only does lavender have a very potent, pleasant smell that can bring a smile to your face, but their beautiful purple color also adds to your outdoor landscaping. Surround yourself in lavender plants, and you’ll be able to relax any time you want.


Many people don’t think of cactus as a good plant for their deck, but cacti make great additions. First, cacti obviously can go without water, so if you have a tendency to kill plants, cactus might be for you. Next, cacti bloom beautiful flowers in the springtime, which is just cool to see. Cacti are hardy and fit in well with Colorado’s constantly changing weather. Plus, cactus add variety to your existing landscaping, which is just cool to see as well.


The quintessential rose is the perfect deck plant, especially if you have a trellis. While roses need a lot of sunlight, you can place them in sunny areas with not much trouble. They, of course, are beautiful to behold and smell. Truly, it’s nice to be able to give yourself roses and know exactly where they came from.


When it comes to deck drainage systems, you want the best. After all, you want to be able to sit comfortably underneath your second-story deck without having to worry about water droplets hitting you. Plus, after a rain, it’s nice to have a covered patio area beneath your upper-story deck in order to sit and enjoy the fresh smells and the cooler air during the heat of the summer.

Colorado Deck Drain Experts offers custom Dry-B-Lo deck drainage systems for your home or office space. With our years of experience, we can ensure your under deck drainage not only is functional, but is built to last as well. You can install lights and ceiling fans to our deck drainage systems without compromising its strength. Contact our under deck drainage company for a free consultation today!