dreamstime_xxl_42121624Most people enjoy a rainy afternoon, but what if that rainy afternoon turns into a rainy week or for Colorado an overly rainy month. After the catastrophic flooding of 2013, many started thinking more about deck drainage, getting flood insurance, and the issues water can cause for their home on a large scale, but what about on a smaller day to day scale? Surely that can’t cause that much damage.

Slow Damage

Water damage is one of the top issues for homeowners, and usually caused by improper drainage system. Normally for Colorado homes, water damage happens slowly over time, causing slow and steady damage that goes without notice, until it causes a major issue. Water damage can cause many issues for homeowners:

Foundation and Structure Compromise

When your drainage system is less than stellar, water can flow or collect near a home’s foundation and cause erosion of the soil. This erosion over time will cause the foundation to become less stable and ultimately impact the overall structure of the house; a compromised foundation will cause structural issues within the house itself.


Improper drainage can also cause damage to your home due to flooding. Though in Colorado, we rarely see hurricane level downpours, the occasional major downpour can inflict significant flooding damage. If part of your drainage system is clogged or improperly built, your basement can become flooded, not only causing damage to your basement, but also your property.

Landscape Erosion

Improper drainage can cause damage to your landscape, and can eventually kill trees and other plants, and negatively affect the resale of your home.  Why spend money on a beautiful landscape and have its quality significantly downgraded because of your drainage system? Landscape erosion can also cause foundation depending on how the water is draining or collecting in your yard.

Conclusion of Part 1

These are just some of the negative effects that improper drainage and water damage can have on your Brighton home and property. As the fall rain storms continue to come our way, be sure to observe your deck drainage, general drainage, and collection of water occurring in your yard. Stay tuned for our next blog, and be sure to check out our award winning deck drains and how they can not only protect your home, but also increase it’s value tremendously.

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