Couple enjoys their under-deck living space

In Colorado, you know that you’re going to have beautiful weather most of the year, but unpredictable spring snows are the norm. Every year it seems, at least one snow storm hits Colorado after some of us have already made our transition to spring living. You’ve already gotten out your chairs and grill, and then the snow hits and your things are literally out in the cold or you have to wait until the snow melts again to fully enjoy your space. With an under deck drainage system, neither of those things has to be an issue.

With an under deck drainage system from Colorado Deck Drain Experts in Brighton, you can make the most of the spring with the opportunity to have the space under your deck protected from snow and moisture. With an under-deck drainage system, you can be confident in resuming your spring activities as soon as winter lets up, or in some cases, even in winter! Read on to learn more about what our under-deck drainage systems can do for you and contact Colorado Deck Drain experts when you’re ready to take full advantage of your deck and backyard!

How Deck Drainage Improves Your Outdoor Experience

With a deck drainage system from Colorado Deck Drain Experts, you open up the chance to capitalize on all of your space without risking your outdoor supplies, but on top of that, you can build a beautiful and fully customized space under your deck. When it comes time for spring, our DRY-B-LO deck drainage system will help you make the most of your space without worrying about the inevitable late spring snow.

Protection For Your Items — The number one thing that under-deck drainage systems provide is concealment and protection for the space underneath your deck. With patio furniture, grills, tables, cushions, and more representing an investment you’ve made in outdoor fun, you don’t want to have them damaged or ruined by snow altogether. By getting one of our deck drainage systems installed, you avoid the need to run out and grab your things anytime there’s snow, especially if you’ve enclosed the sides of your under-deck space. However, if you don’t elect to go for an enclosure, you can simply move your things to the center of the space and be confident they’ll be protected from excessive moisture.

Protection From Dripping Water — When the snow stops and the weather heats up a bit, you may want to get right back to your spring activities, but that’s not going to be very enjoyable in your customized under-deck space if there’s snow dripping down on everyone and everything. With an under-deck drainage system, you can have the full experience of a spring cookout or just enjoying the view almost as soon as the snow stops.

Keep Outdoor Activities Going No Matter the Weather — While the main draw of our under-deck systems is the extra, dry space it affords, it extends to so much more than that. With our system, you can have an outdoor space that functions year-round. With various options to enclose your space and a wide range of customization options, you can stay warm and cozy in an outdoor living room or walkout basement, complete with heat, audio, and other installation options. You could even have an outdoor kitchen installed, and with the overhead protection offered by your under-deck drainage system, you can continue to smoke and grill year-round. When it comes to customizing your under-deck, outdoor living space, there’s really not much within reason that we can’t do.

Add Storage Space You Can Count On Year-Round

While we love installing beautiful, customized drainage systems and outdoor entertaining spaces, some of our customers are looking for something a little more pragmatic, and what’s more pragmatic than adding a large amount of storage space beneath your home? For those who have decks that are only raised a few feet off of the ground, an under-deck drainage system is a great way to maximize your home’s square footage and functionality. Prepped with the same fine craftsmanship as our other systems, this will allow you to safely store seasonal items and be sure that your items will stay safe and dry. You can even add additional protection from pests and would-be thieves by enclosing it and adding a small hatch or door that only you can access.

Get Your System From Colorado Deck Drain Experts Today!

With Colorado Deck Drain Experts and our under-deck drainage systems, you can make better use of your home’s overall space year-round and resume your warm weather activities faster than others and with no worries of damaged goods or shuffling things in and out of your home constantly. If you’re in the Brighton, Arvada, Aurora, or Thorton area and want to start capitalizing on your under-deck space, then contact us today!