Concealed1In our last blog, we covered some structural additions, including our deck drains that you can install to make your deck your own. Today, let’s talk about little things that you can add to your deck to make it even more beautiful!


Depending on the size of your deck, you will want to think about zones; think about what you want to do on on your deck and where. When you think of your deck in zones, it will be more organized and user-friendly.


Deck furniture dresses up any deck. Whether you have a small or large deck, there is furniture for you. Furniture makes your deck inviting and will guarantee that you will spend time out enjoying your deck. When thinking about what furniture to get, be sure to keep your zones in mind!


Add a pop of color by painting the accents of your deck, or by adding some throw pillows to the deck furniture. If it’s time to change out the deck furniture, think about adding a pop of color with an accent piece or a colorful side table.


Want to add some color and some nature to your deck? Add some potted plants! Plants are a great way to add tranquility and color to any deck style and size. Create your own pots of pants, small shrubs or build stationary flow boxes! Plants can be a great way to enhance a color theme or add extra dimension to any color scheme.

There are so many ways to furnish and decorate your deck to make the “it” party spot or your place a peace refuge. To extend the life of your deck and your backyard’s landscape, be sure to check out our deck drains for your Brighton home! We have been in the business of making decks the best they can be. Questions? Call us for more information!

Check back for our next blog for part 3!