Winter in Colorado can get cold, windy and downright miserable. Whether you’re ready for snow or not, it’s important you prepare for the cold season that’s upon us. Snow is well on its way and there’s nothing we can do about it; in order to be ready for anything it’s time to protect your deck and prepare for the cold season ahead of use, here’s how:

Prep Your Deck For Colorado’s Winter

Clean It

When getting ready for winter’s wrath, it’s crucial you clean your deck thoroughly before the snow comes. It’s time to scrub the deck. Make sure you clean off all of the barbecue stains, beer stains and dirt from spills, plants and whatever Mother Nature has thrown at you this past summer. Why? When you pile snow on top of the stains and dirt, it’ll be likely to degrade the wood faster than it would have if it were clean. Plus, since exposure to moisture creates the perfect condition for mold, moss, mildew and algae, it’s likely you could be dealing with more than just a dirty deck after the snow melts off. So, what should you do? Spray, scrub and wipe clean all of the dirt from this past season.

Apply a New Protective Finish

What does your deck look like? Has it seen better days? If so, it’s probably in your best interest to apply a new protective finish to your deck prior to falling snow. Why? Like we just mentioned, moisture creates the perfect condition for mold, moss, mildew and algae, so it’s likely you’ll be dealing with more than a soggy deck when winter ends. In order to prepare your deck for what’s to come and give it a fighting chance to last for years to come, applying a new improved, waterproof, finish to your deck will help your deck’s longevity. Plus, when your deck comes in contact with metal types of furniture, such as a grill, a table and any other furniture, you may have rust to scrub away. When you add a protective finish, the rust won’t be a problem.

Be Prepare For Winter

Winter has a tendency to come early here in Colorado, and we want you to be prepared! Our deck drain team in Brighton has what it takes to provide you with all of the tips, tricks and services needed to survive a cold, windy and bitter winter. Let our professional deck drain installers provide you with everything you need. So, if you have questions about how to transform your deck into an oasis you can use year-round, make sure you give our professionals a call. We’re the number one choice if you’re looking for deck drain professionals near you. We have what it takes to install, repair and revamp your entire deck drainage system. Contact us online today to get started by request a free quote. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. What are you waiting for? Get a hold of us today!