It can be frustrating to own a beautiful home with an amazing deck without some creative and spunky ways to show it has a life. Whether you would like to hang out on your newly renovated deck with friends and family you love or decorate it to taste, we have the tips you need. Colorado Deck & Drain Experts have some insight you want! Because we’re Brighton’s number one deck drain professionals who install and repair decks just like yours, we also have the knowledge our respective customers need, such as inexpensive ways to decorate your newly installed deck that has a deck drain.

Cheap Approaches To Decorate Your Deck

Keeping your deck decorated will only enable and entice you to spend quality time with your family, friends, pets and even time by yourself, outside. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your outdoor deck with your newly installed deck drain here in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Make Your Deck Comfy

Whether that’s a new couch, a few fun chairs or a bench with padded chair covers, a comfy deck is a deck that will be used time and time again, rain or shine. An easy way to make your deck comfy is by adding throw pillows to the furniture you already have, refreshing your old furniture with new pads or to add a colorful, outdoor rug to your deck. Plus, if you decide to add a splash of color to your deck, not only will it be more inviting, but it’ll make it much more relaxing with a home-feel vibe.

A Deck With Transition

If you have a deck that leads directly from the yard to the furniture, you should make sure that your deck has a great transition. Whether you add a few shrubs or trees on the end of your deck to tie the yard and the deck’s living space together, or you add a few potted plants with vibrant colors to each step leading from the yard to the deck area, a transition will help to make your deck feel like more of an area in which you can hang out with the entire family.

Elevate Your Deck

An elevated deck not only impresses your guests, but it provides you, as the homeowner, with many different dimensions you can enjoy. In one area of your deck, you may choose to add a firepit and in the other you may have a dining area with a few comfy couches; in whatever way you choose to elevate your deck, our deck drain experts can be of assistance to make sure each space drains properly after one of Colorado’s wicked rain or snow storms.

Evergreen Privacy

When you own a home that doesn’t allow you to have much privacy, you may be doing everything in your power to make sure your entire family feels safe and secure. Doing so may have seemed hard, until now. An easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your deck and create more privacy is with potted, above-the-deck evergreens. Evergreens are perfect for Brighton’s climate and they make as great walls for added privacy. Tie in the evergreens with the life of your deck by adding green accessories with other neutral colors to your furniture and accents. Not only will you learn that evergreens are easy to care for, but they’ll live through nearly any crazy winter snow storm or baking summer heat wave.

Lattice Up

If you love flowers, you’ll definitely love how you’ll be able to implement a lattice in your deck’s atmosphere. All you need is lattice and your favorite vine flower. You may choose to lattice any and all sides of your deck; whether that be a bottom deck with a deck drain above or the top deck with lattice on all sides to block your neighbor’s view, a lattice fence is an easy and very affordable way to build privacy and make your deck more inviting, beautiful and keep it smelling great.

Make Your Deck Inviting

Regardless of how you try to spruce up your deck with your reliable deck drain from Colorado Deck & Drain Experts in Brighton, we’re here to help! We want to help you create a living space you’ll be able to use from years to come, rain or shine. Let our experts help get you there by reading the tips we’ve shared today, calling for a free quote on a deck drain to make your living space more usable or by contacting us online to have all of your questions answered. In the meantime, be sure you stay tuned for another great blog with more wonderful tips on how you can easily and affordably decorate your newly installed deck and deck drain from Colorado’s number one deck drain experts in Brighton, Colorado’s Deck & Drain Experts.

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