Decks offer so much appeal in their traditional use, sitting out after a long day or having a barbeque with some friends, but what about that space underneath? Wouldn’t you like to make more use of it than a dirt or concrete pad to be rained on? At Colorado Deck Drain Experts in Brighton, our deck drainage systems help create a beautiful space underneath your deck.

What might you use your new space for? That’s up to you! But there are a range of opportunities awaiting you; it’s a matter of design and how you want to feel in your space. With a wide range of materials and colorings available, Colorado Deck Drain Experts can provide you with a system that meets your stylistic needs.

4 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Under Deck Space

As it stands right now, your under deck space may not be serving much of a purpose. Often it is just an area building in moisture and the products of its aftermath. There may even be a couple of loosely “stored” items that are just gathering mildew and fungi. Even if your under deck area is pretty well maintained, shouldn’t it do more than collect dirt? Here are a few options that will be at your disposal once you make the investment on a deck drainage system.

A Sunroom — Often reserved for more tropical climates, there’s no reason you can’t have your own sunroom in Colorado. This is a great option for entertaining family and friends in any weather. After we’ve installed your drainage system, there are various ways you can create a sunroom that will provide protection from moisture year-round and stays warm enough to use in the winter.

A Multi-Level Barbeque Experience — If you like to entertain, then maximizing on your space is critical. One of the hardest things about entertaining can be finding a place for everyone to get comfortable. With a deck drainage system, however, you’ll finally be able to protect furniture from the damp space that would usually be underneath. That way, you can have people sitting comfortably both above and below the deck without the guest on the bottom, wiping grime away from their seats.

Outdoor Holiday Dining — Eating outdoors can be great fun, but it doesn’t always have to be the messy type. In building your outdoor living area under a deck, your first step will have to be a proper deck drainage system. After that, walls are easy enough to add on and make your space into a room. Imagine it, with your mostly glass walls, holiday lights twinkling on the outside as dusk sets on Thanksgiving, or as snow falls on Christmas.

A Well Protected Hot Tub — Hot Tubs are great, but the weather can wreak havoc on them. Even if you have the top covered in winter, often the sides and base are still exposed to moisture and falling debris. With a deck drainage system, you can put a roof over your hot tub and provide extra space for you to create a very luxurious area.

Add Deck Drainage to Your Home Today

If you want to make the most of your home and the space under your deck, the first true step is installing a deck drainage system. Contact the Colorado Deck Drain Experts today to get your drainage set up now and get on the way to more living space!