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When it comes to weather in Colorado, you’re probably well aware that we have all sorts of weather that can damage your property. At Colorado Deck Drain Experts in Brighton, we know what weather can do to your deck and the space underneath. Our drainage systems help prevent your deck from breaking down by keeping it free of moisture build up. They’re one of the key aspects of making sure your deck holds up long-term.

Just because your deck spends most of its time outside doesn’t mean that it is impervious to the weather. In fact, there’s a lot you can do to protect your deck and the space underneath. There’s so many complications that come with weather and the elements, that protecting your deck is a year around job. Since deck drainage systems are just one part of protecting your deck, we thought we’d fill you in on a few other things as well.

Colorado Weather Problems and How to Protect Your Deck

Having a deck in Colorado means having to prepare it for any type of weather, and we’re here to help you do that in Brighton, Aurora, Arvada, Thornton, with deck drainage systems that take care of some of the key aspects of deck protection while also enabling you to take advantage of more space — particularly the space under your deck! Our drainage systems, combined with a few other protective measures we’ll discuss here, can help keep your deck in top condition.

Rain — When it comes to rain in Colorado and protecting your deck, we’re pretty lucky. Rain isn’t as much of an issue for us as it could be, you’ll rarely be kept from your deck for more than 15 minutes or so before the sun comes out again. However, that doesn’t mean what rain we do get doesn’t still penetrate the surface, degrade the wood, and dampen the space underneath. That’s why it’s critical to make sure you’re protecting your deck from rain. 

The first step that many people take in guarding against rain is sealing the deck, and this is important, but it doesn’t give you all around protection. If you want a deck that is protected from standing water, and that also preserves the space underneath your deck, then you need a deck drainage system. This opens up a range of possibilities for the living space created underneath. You could keep it open with a fire pit, if your deck is high enough, or close the space off after your drainage system installation to create a space you can be in year round.

Hail — Hail is something we know all too well in Colorado, and the damage it can cause is both physical and elemental. First your deck gets pelted with the hard masses of ice, and then they melt into your deck, unless you protect it. There are various ways to protect your deck from hail damage, the most important thing being of course to cover the deck. While there are many different types of deck coverings, none can protect you from every direction when it comes to falling hail. What you can do is have an overhead covering, such as an awning, pergola, or a roof extension in order to deflect most of what’s coming down. To handle hail that’s falling sideways, there are various types of sealant, some of which provide more impact protection than others.

Snow — Snow comes in bunches in Colorado, and when it does, you’ll want your deck to be ready for it. As we’ve said with hail, you can’t completely cover your deck from everything that’s falling, but providing some kind of overhead protection would go a long way towards stopping the effects of snow. However, some will probably still reach your deck. In these cases you should try and make sure that you get rid of the snow as soon as possible. If you have snowfall on your deck, you should shovel it off to prevent moisture damage. While you won’t get all of it off with a shovel, an under deck drainage system should safely take care of the rest.

Dry Climate — While moisture issues often seem to be what affect your deck most, dryness can work in turn with moisture to spell disaster for your deck as well. Take for example if you have an improperly sealed or draining deck, then more water will seep into your deck. Repeated saturation of your wood followed by extremely dry temperatures could cause your wood to get brittle and break more easily. It would start as small pieces, but have a big impact over time. To make sure the dry climate has the least impact on you possible, you should seal your deck and acquire a deck drainage system.

Protect Your Deck Today With Colorado Deck Drain Experts

If you have a deck in Colorado, then Colorado Deck Drain Experts wants to be your choice for a deck drainage system in Brighton, Arvada, Thornton, and Aurora. We know we can help protect your deck for the long term and help provide you with an under deck space you can use. Our services will help you open up a new space for entertaining and look more beautiful than you could imagine. Reach out to us today to see how a deck drainage system can help you.