Your deck is important to you, as it gives you an outdoor space that seamlessly connects your home to the indoors. However, your deck won’t last forever, particularly if it has not been well-maintained. Even if you have been diligent about waterproofing, your deck still takes a heating from the elements on a daily basis, so it is natural for it to experience damage over time. If you are starting to think that your deck may need to be replaced, there are certain signs that can indicate that you are right. In this blog, we will go over how to determine whether or not your deck needs replacement.

Consider the Deck Material

The material of your deck will determine how you assess if it needs replacement or not. If your deck is made of authentic wood, it will show damage and wear differently than a deck made of composite materials, for example. Real wood tends to have issues with insect damage and warping, while composite or vinyl decks tend to have an issue with fading. Knowing the type of material used can help you determine whether a repair is more appropriate, or if entirely replacing the deck is your only option.

Inspect the Posts

The first part of the deck that you will want to inspect is the posts. For people without a proper deck drain, it is common for water to pool around the base of the posts, causing water damage or rot that compromises the integrity of the structure as a whole. While you can replace one or two posts without having to replace an entire deck, if it is a problem that is pervasive and has impacted every post, this is a major safety issue, and you may have to replace the entire deck in order to deal with the damage.

Inspect the Joists

The joists are also an essential part of your deck’s structural integrity as well. If there is any indication of rot or is soft, the deck likely will need to be replaced. The issue is that joists are difficult to replace without tearing up the whole deck. If there is damage, it’s best to simply rebuild the entire structure. Damaged joists can be indicative of issues such as pests or water damage, so before you invest in new decking, it’s a good idea to assess this. You may need a professional to come in for inspection

Check the Railing

It’s important that your railings are sturdy, as people tend to lean on them. An unsteady railing could cause serious issues if it isn’t fixed. However, if your railing is the only part of your deck in need of repair, you can replace those parts without replacing the entire structure.

Factor in Age

Just like anything else, the older your deck is, the more likely it is that it has suffered damage. If you have had your deck for more than six years, it’s wise to call a professional to inspect it. Age is relative to the exposure to the elements, which is the biggest factor to determine the longevity of your porch. It’s a good idea to have an inspector come look at your deck more frequently the older it gets. This is particularly true in years when the weather has been more extreme.

Check the Ledger Board

The ledger board attaches the deck to the rest of your home. If your ledger board is pulling away from your home, it’s an indication that your deck needs to be replaced. It’s imperative to act promptly, as in heavy snow or rainfall, a damaged ledger can cause the entire structure to collapse.

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