Once summer comes around, most people start looking for any excuse they can to get outside in their backyards and enjoy the fresh air. And since we put so much time and money into building and maintaining our homes, we never want it to just be the place we sleep at night or make breakfast in the morning; homes are meant for something greater than that! In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the top ways you can expand your outdoor living area and make the most of it this summer.

Fix Up The Lawn

It’s difficult to have a nice outdoor living area if your lawn is patchy and/or filled with weeds or other debris. Not only will you not want to spend time on your lawn, but it will be a sight for sore eyes even if you don’t. But you don’t have to have a perfect lawn in order to enjoy it. Even just taking a few days out of your summer in order to abate your weeds and fix patchy areas can go a long ways. It might also be worth it to consider cutting down any trees or bushes that aren’t doing anything for you. These can take up a lot of room and be pretty unappealing at the same time, especially if they’re dying or they’re in a bad spot. At the very least, consider trimming them.

Clean Your Deck

Although this should be no surprise to you, having a clean deck means more space. Are you someone who likes to leave junk out on your deck all-year-round? Do you like having plants and flowers covering every corner of your deck? If you answered yes to either of these, you might want to reconsider how you’re using your deck. Although it’s great to have some life on the deck, it’s no use to you if you aren’t able to enjoy your deck as a result. Try moving plants to the lawn and making space for junk in the garage.

Install Deck Drainage

You’ve already considered how you make use of the elevated deck area, but what about the patio area beneath it? Far too many homeowners fill up their under deck area with junk or unused lawn furniture and neglect ever making use of this area. The truth is, this area can be used as a way to expand your outdoor living area. For example, if it’s a hot summer day, you’re not going to want to stay on your elevated deck and risk getting fried. The under deck area provides great shade without the hassle of setting up a tarp or umbrella.

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