Many of our deck drain customers in Arvada use our system as the first step to creating a patio space they can use year-round. Our deck drain system finishes the underside of your elevated deck, providing the necessary drainage while keeping the space underneath dry and usable. That space underneath your elevated deck then becomes the perfect sheltered space to enjoy your backyard during all of Colorado’s gorgeous seasons. Here are some more tips to help you get the most out of your new outdoor space once our deck drain system has been installed in your Arvada home!

How to Create an All-Season Patio Space


This is the perfect time to take advantage of all the gorgeous flowers in bloom in Colorado during the spring! Visit your local garden center and pick up some hanging baskets. You can screw eyebolts into the deck drain system installed by our team and hang the potted plants from the ceiling of your patio space. This creates a gorgeous, spring atmosphere to your patio that you’ll be able to enjoy long into the summer season. Remember to water your flowering baskets often; they can dry out quickly in the Colorado sun!


One of the major benefits of having a deck drain installed on your elevated deck is that the patio space underneath is then nicely sheltered. That’s a big bonus in the summer when the elevated deck might be too hot to enjoy but the cool patio space underneath is perfect for an outdoor gathering. This space should stay nicely cool on even the hottest summer days. Make it even better by bringing in a kiddie pool to soak your feet or let your kids splash around. You can even install a mini-fridge to hold all of your favorite summer beverages to cool off with after a tough day of working in the yard.


Fall is the perfect patio season in Colorado. It’s not too hot, not too cool. Make it even better by hooking up a projection system on your patio to watch all the Broncos games with your family and friends. You can pick up a projection screen on Amazon which can be rolled up with not in use and brought down when you are ready to watch the big game. You can also get inexpensive projectors that will work with your laptop or even your mobile phone. When you aren’t watching the ball game, this is a great place for your kids to enjoy a film while you watch something else inside.


Think your patio is out of commission in the winter? Think again! You can still enjoy this space throughout the Colorado winter months. That’s partially due to the protection you are getting from your elevated deck and deck drain system overhead. Try adding a fire pit, chiminea, or portable heater to your patio space to warm up the area (make sure you are obeying all fire safety rules, of course!). Or, if you really want to make your space winter-proof, have a company come enclose it as a sunroom with windows and walls. Then you’ll never have to worry about the winter weather and will have a space the whole family will love.

Let Us Install a Deck Drain So You Have a Patio You’ll Love

Colorado Deck Drain Experts is ready to get to work on a deck drain system for your elevated deck. This is the first step to creating a great outdoor space under your elevated deck that you can enjoy throughout all four Colorado seasons. We work in Arvada, Aurora, Brighton, and beyond. Just give us a call and let’s set up a time for our free consultation services. We’ll show you how we can transform the space under your elevated deck into something that’s absolutely gorgeous. Get in touch with us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website today!