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Common Misconceptions About Pergolas

While exploring the world of outdoor living spaces, it is common to come across a variety of myths and misconceptions. 

Of course, there are several misconceptions about pergolas, specifically, and we are here to help shed some light on the subject. At Colorado Deck Drain Experts, we are helping homeowners across middle Colorado re-learn what they thought they knew about decks and outdoor living spaces. Let’s dive in.

They Aren’t Useful

Less true words have never been uttered. Luxury louvered roofs and pergolas are incredibly useful for a variety of uses and needs. You can open the louvered slats to let in sunlight or close them to bring the shade. Sundance pergolas are fitted with gutters to direct water away from your outdoor living area before safely distributing it where it needs to be. What’s more? Pergolas come in various colors, patterns, and architectural designs, leaving you as the design expert. In addition, they can be fitted with add-ons such as remote control switches, progressive screens, and rain detectors, among others.

They Cannot Withstand Harsh Weather

This just isn’t true at all. First of all, luxury louvered roofs are made with harsh weather in mind. They are built for the sole purpose of keeping rain away from your home and deck and protecting you and your outdoor living space from harsh sun rays, hail, and snow. Most of our pergolas are fitted with rain sensors that open and close the slats depending on the prevailing weather conditions, thus protecting your patio even when you aren’t home.

They Are High Maintenance

This one may be true, depending on the quality of materials used to make the one in reference. As you would have guessed, maintenance depends on the material used to make the louvered roof system. When it comes to wooden pergolas, the material is prone to termites, mold, and fungi and may need constant replacement. However, when aluminum is used, as is the case with Sundance pergolas, maintenance is not as necessary. Upgrade your louvered roof to reduce ongoing maintenance and care.


They Aren’t Worth The Cost

Contrary to common belief, a pergola will improve your home’s return on investment (ROI) almost immediately. Since Colorado buyers have begun appreciating the importance of outdoor living spaces, they are likely to pay more for a house with a pergola than for one without. Additionally, the amount of time you can now comfortably spend on your deck and the benefits a louvered roof provides is virtually priceless. We don’t think it’s a biased opinion to state as a fact that they are worth every penny.

At Colorado Deck Drain Experts, we find that most misconceptions derive from those who have had a bad experience either with the quality of the pergola installed or the craftsmanship of the installation crew. When you visit us for your louvered roof pergola, you’ll discover right away just how untrue each of these statements are and we can’t wait to be the ones to change your mind! Connect with us for your free estimate and schedule your installation today!

Louvered roofs provide more than just aesthetics. Visit us to have one installed on your outdoor space.

Louvered roofs aren’t just for aesthetics. They have more to offer than the average homeowner could ever imagine. You can always rely on Colorado Deck Drain Experts to help you install high-quality louvered roofs all throughout the Front Range. From Evergreen to Southeast Aurora, Parker, Arvada, or the surrounding communities of Brighton and Thornton, we’ve got you and your deck covered. Call to schedule your installation today!

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