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Benefits of Louvered Roofs

Louvered roof are an ideal addition to your outdoor space, adding style and comfort.

Whatever you decide to do in your outdoor space, whether it’s watching fireworks or a Colorado showshower, a louvered roof comes in handy to bring style, comfort, and so much more. Don’t worry about the installation as Colorado Deck Drain Experts have got you covered — literally! For most property developers and landlords, luxury louvered roofs are a great addition as they not only boost the market appeal but also improve your home’s resale value. Let’s explore some additional benefits associated with louvered roofs.

Pergolas Offer Protection from Harsh Weather

Protection From Harsh Weather

Are you tired of being driven out of your outdoor space by the scorching Colorado sun or the rain? All your struggles will be gone once you invest in a high-quality louvered roof. These specially designed roofs can open for more airflow and natural light. If you need protection from hail storms or extreme heat, you have the option of simply closing the louvers. And, even better, the built-in gutters direct rain away from your deck.

Luxury Louvered Roofs Improve Social Life

Although it is still possible for you to socialize indoors, nothing beats the feeling of being outdoors catching up with your loved ones in total comfort. A covered outdoor space presents you with more opportunities to rest, work, and play in the company of several other people. A luxury louvered roof lets you go about entertaining in near-perfect conditions, regardless of Mother Nature’s gift of the day.

Luxury Louvered Roofs Improve Social Life
Higher Resale Value

higher resale value

A louvered roof delivers a high return on investment. A spacious outdoor area that complements the house design, made with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology is sure to impress your potential buyers. Aesthetics aside, the protection louvered roofs offer your deck and foundation help improve structural integrity and heighten resale value.

energy efficiency

You’ll notice a drop in your energy bills when you have a louvered roof installed on your deck. Not only will it prevent the outdoor use of fans and HVAC sources, but the pergola provides a barrier for your exterior windows and doors, reducing greenhouse effect and cold drafts. All you have to do is open the louvers when it gets hot and close them when it gets cold.

Energy Efficiency

Louvered roofs provide more than just aesthetics. Visit us to have one installed on your outdoor space.

Louvered roofs aren’t just for aesthetics. They have more to offer than the average homeowner could ever imagine. You can always rely on Colorado Deck Drain Experts to help you install high-quality louvered roofs all throughout the Front Range. From Evergreen to Southeast Aurora, Parker, Arvada, or the surrounding communities of Brighton and Thornton, we’ve got you and your deck covered. Call to schedule your installation today!

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